Dog and Bear Script for Reader's Theater


Here is a DOG AND BEAR script for “Reader’s Theater”, prepared by the wonderful Judy Freeman, who holds workshops and performs for teachers all over the U.S.  Thanks Judy!

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A Reader’s Theater Script for
Dog and Bear: Two’s Company
“Ice Cream”
(For grades K-2.)

Adapted from “Ice Cream,” a chapter in Dog and Bear: Two’s Company, written and illustrated by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Roaring Brook Press, 2008. Reader’s Theater adaptation by Judy Freeman; reprinted with permission of the publisher, Roaring Brook Press.

ROLES: Dog, Bear

NOTE: This is a two-person play. Have your children break into pairs to act this out together. Then have them do it again, switching parts.

DOG: I am very angry with you, Bear. I am running away.

BEAR: All right, Dog. Go ahead.

DOG: I am packing my bones.

BEAR: You do that.

DOG: I am packing my sticks.

BEAR: Of course you are.

DOG: I am packing all my toys.

BEAR: Don’t forget this one.

DOG: I am packing each and every one of my books.

BEAR: That’s good. I know how much you enjoy them.

DOG: Goodbye, Bear.

BEAR: Goodbye, Dog. I suppose you won’t be staying for ice cream.

DOG: Ice cream? Well, maybe I’ll stay fort just a bit.

BEAR: I’m glad.

DOG: Me too.