Words by Richard Jackson/Pictures by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

A Neal Porter Book/Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan/September 2017

Do you know about snow? 
Winter scenery, summer greenery?
About the out of doors?
Then this book should be yours.

CCBC Choices Best Books of 2018
Bank Street College of Education Best Books of 2018

featured review/New York Times
"This fourth book from the former children’s editor Jackson romps around outdoors, its few, coy words inviting readers to look harder at the lovely textured acrylic paintings by Seeger (“First the Egg,” Green”), a two-time Caldecott Honor winner..."

starred and featured review/Publishers Weekly
"... Readers move through and out of winter in a series of seamlessly connected acrylic paintings on canvas... A simultaneously playful and meditative riff on how interconnected - and fleeting - the seasons are."

Kirkus Reviews
"... Verbal and visual cues work together to prompt connections from one double-page spread to the next as spare text combines with lush, painterly acrylic illustrations to deliver a contemplative picture book. A lushly quiet read."

featured spotlight review/School Library Journal
"...This perfect marriage of stunning illustrations and brief, often rhyming text in a question-and-answer format that will engage the lap set from the start is a first purchase."

recommended book/Horn Book
"The entire book appears to be painted as if it were one long panorama spanning not just space but time. In the final spread, the children look at a distant mountain capped with snow. The text reads, “And will you look at that?” / “Winter’s hat!” So yes, it really is one continuous scene that begins and ends with snow. Clever! A book that should keep children thinking and noticing long after the initial guessing game has been completed."

starred review/Bank Street College of Education
"Beautiful... whimsical... expressive...