Walter Was Worried (1st Edition)


Written and illustrated by Laura Vaccaro Seeger
A Neal Porter Book/Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan/September 2005
(Other editions: 2nd edition/April 2016)

With the originality and verve that marked THE HIDDEN ALPHABET and LEMONS ARE NOT RED, Laura Vaccaro Seeger once again creates a distinctive book for young children.

On the first page the reader is greeted by the title sequence.  Opposite the text is a portrait of a very worried Walter.  But wait!  The very letters that spell worried form his facial features as well as his expression!  Gradually a simple story unfolds as other characters are introduced, and the sky grows dark, the fog rolls in, lightning strikes, and thunder shakes the trees…

American Library Association Notable Children’s Book, 2006
Child Magazine Best Books of 2005
CCBC Choices Best Books of 2005
IRA Children’s Choice Best Book, 2006
Eric Carle Museum Picture Book of Distinction, 2005

School Library Journal
“Inventive… There is surprising depth in this wonderful collaboration of art and story.”

recommended/Children’s Literature
“Another extraordinary alphabet-based book from Laura Vaccaro Seeger… WALTER WAS WORRIED has it all: alliteration, story line, vivid paintings, and the most unique use of alphabet letters.”

Kirkus Reviews
“Moods can change as quickly as the weather, and this innovative concept book cleverly illustrates the range and volatility of both… Lovely muted paintings… Opportunities for read-aloud abound here.”

Publishers Weekly
“Seeger gives new meaning to the word typeface!”