I Had a Rooster


Illustrated by Laura Vaccaro SeegerViking/Penguin Putnam/September 2001

(Other editions: StarWalk Kids/eBook edition/2012)

Here’s an original version of a traditional folk song.  Start with a crowing rooster and turn the pages to see the animals pile up, one by one.  The stepped pages offer a creative way to read (or sing!) a cumulative story without leaving any of the animals behind.
(Includes an audio CD featuring Pete Seeger plus two songs by Mike and Peggy Seeger.)   

CCBC Choices Best Books of 2001
Winner of the QED Award of Excellence   

CCBC Book of the Week
“Ingenious page design… Vibrantly colored expressionistic paintings… A huge hit with young children whose enthusiasm for repeated singings leaves the song ringing in the consciousness of whoever gets to share the fun.”

Publishers Weekly
“Based on a concept by Ruth Crawford Seeger, Vaccaro Seeger’s finely tuned oils illustrate the text.”

Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
“The cumulative structure is ingeniously interpreted… Audience participation is requisite… Youngsters will get a kick out of turning the cleverly formatted pages as well as singing along.”

recommended/Children’s Literature
“Young readers and singers will take delight in this original version of a traditional folk song… The illustrations are vivid, playful, and amusing.”

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