What If? Writing Assignment

Here’s a fun writing assignment based on the recently released book, WHAT IF?.  Write to me at inquiries@studiolvs.com and let me know what you think.

Step 1 - Think of a decision you’ve made... Or are making... Or may make someday...

Step 2 - Now write about it.  Three times, with three different outcomes...

Step 3 - Which decision/outcome do you think is best?  Why?

What If? Process

Special thanks to my new friends at the Children’s Literature Conference at Shenandoah University in Virginia for their suggestion that I include examples of the creation process on my website. 

Here are a few examples illustrating the making of my new book, WHAT IF?:

(I often see seals during my runs and walks at the beach, especially during the colder months of the year.  I caught this cute little guy taking a nap on the sand one day.)


(This is a picture of my journal where the first layout for WHAT IF? was drawn.  My editor, Neal Porter, found it one day while he was perusing my journal for future projects.)


(Here is an example of the first draft for WHAT IF?.  It started as a lengthy narrative, but as I began painting, I slowly replaced words with pictures until finally there were only six different words, used in varying combinations, in the entire book.)


(Some rough sketches and studies for WHAT IF?.)


(WHAT IF? was painted in its entirety on canvas when I realized that it just didn’t feel like the beach!  This is an example of one of those paintings.)


(Luckily, my wonderful editor, Neal, was understanding when I said I wanted to paint the entire book over again, this time on very rough watercolor paper with dryer paint on my brush, giving the art a feeling of lightness and movement.  This is one of the first studies for the new art treatment.)


(Voila.  The final book.  Released last month.)


Dog and Bear Script for Reader's Theater


Here is a DOG AND BEAR script for “Reader’s Theater”, prepared by the wonderful Judy Freeman, who holds workshops and performs for teachers all over the U.S.  Thanks Judy!

(View below or click on this link to download:)


A Reader’s Theater Script for
Dog and Bear: Two’s Company
“Ice Cream”
(For grades K-2.)

Adapted from “Ice Cream,” a chapter in Dog and Bear: Two’s Company, written and illustrated by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Roaring Brook Press, 2008. Reader’s Theater adaptation by Judy Freeman; reprinted with permission of the publisher, Roaring Brook Press.

ROLES: Dog, Bear

NOTE: This is a two-person play. Have your children break into pairs to act this out together. Then have them do it again, switching parts.

DOG: I am very angry with you, Bear. I am running away.

BEAR: All right, Dog. Go ahead.

DOG: I am packing my bones.

BEAR: You do that.

DOG: I am packing my sticks.

BEAR: Of course you are.

DOG: I am packing all my toys.

BEAR: Don’t forget this one.

DOG: I am packing each and every one of my books.

BEAR: That’s good. I know how much you enjoy them.

DOG: Goodbye, Bear.

BEAR: Goodbye, Dog. I suppose you won’t be staying for ice cream.

DOG: Ice cream? Well, maybe I’ll stay fort just a bit.

BEAR: I’m glad.

DOG: Me too.