Wonderful Western Washington Literature Conference

Had an incredible time speaking at the literature conference in Bellingham, Washington (with about 500 teachers, librarians, and authors in the audience). Special thanks to Nancy Johnson for inviting me!

 Fabulous dinner with Nic Bishop, Steve Sheinkin, Jennifer Holmes, Candy Fleming, Kate Kubert Puls, Nancy Johnson and the wonderful Western Washington University staff.

Fabulous dinner with Nic Bishop, Steve Sheinkin, Jennifer Holmes, Candy Fleming, Kate Kubert Puls, Nancy Johnson and the wonderful Western Washington University staff.


Great time at NAEYC in Washington DC, and great panel moderated by Donna Knoell, with Chris Raschka, Dan Yaccarino, Tom Lichtenheld, Denise Fleming, Tad Hills, Salina Yoon, and me!



Had a wonderful time in Mexico with Neal Porter and Yuyi Morales. Special thanks to Karen Coeman for organizing an amazing festival. And we ate grasshoppers!!


Original Art Show at Port Washington Library

So proud to have 7 paintings on exhibit at the Port Washington Library Original Art Show, along with art by Paulis and Bernard Waber, Jerry Pinkney, Brian Floca, Jane Zalben, Sergio Ruzzier, Roxie Munro, and Amy Schwartz.

The art opening and panel discussion will be held on November 10 starting at 1:30pm. Panelists include Neal Porter, Sandra Jordan, Jane Zalben, Elizabeth Harding, Rita Auerbach, Caroline Ward, Renee McGrath, and me. Special thanks to Jane Zalben and everyone at the library for a great job. 

Here's a funny photo with Sergio Ruzzier and Brian Floca - with my tiger painting strategically placed - by accident!

nov. 2013 - laura seeger, brian floca, sergio ruzzier.JPG

Fun time in Houston

Had a fabulous visit to AOS, Kinkaid, and St. Anthony schools in Houston, and loved getting to know Dorcas Hand, Elizabeth Holloway, Tammy Fishman, P.J. Hoover, and ALL the staff and kids! 


Amazing ALA

A huge, heart-felt thank you to Neal Porter, Simon Boughton, Jon Yaged, Lucy Del Priore and everyone at Macmillan for making ALA 2013 in Chicago an absolutely wonderful experience for me and my family. 

And, of course, I am forever grateful to the 2013 Caldecott committee - Sandy Imdieke, Nancy Johnson, Wendy Lukehart, Elise DeGuiseppi, Kerry Gleason, Sarah Howard, JoAnn Jonas, Melanie Koss, Miriam Martinez, Claudette McLinn, Kiera Parrott, Carol Hanson Sibley, Michelle Willis, Maida Wong, and Nancy Zimmerman.

Congratulations to my fellow 2013 Caldecott winners and friends - Jon Klassen, Pamela Zagarenski, Peter Brown, and David Small.


First SKYPE School Visit

Had a wonderful time at my first ever Skype school visit, directly from my New York studio to Holland Hall Primary School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was so much fun to be able to have an organic conversation with the children and teachers, and to show all kinds of inspiration and examples from all around my studio. I even showed them my son's torn and tattered blanky from many years ago!

A special shout-out to the awesome kids and teachers at Holland Hall Summer Book Camp: Claire, Macie Drue, Cian, Julian, Marvin, Max, Josie, Aaron, Mr. Christian, and Ms. Turner.



Politics and Prose

Panel discussion today at Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington DC, with Leonard Marcus, Neal Porter, Jon Scieszka, Chris Meyers, Mac Barnett, and Meg Medina. Spirited discussion, lots of laughs, and an amazing turnout. Thank you, Mary Alice Garber, for a wonderful experience and tons of fun.


Books of Wonder Signing

Signing books today at the wonderful Books of Wonder in New York City. It’s a 2013 Caldecott/Newbery celebration with Tomie DePaola, Katherine Applegate, Peter Brown, Pamela Zagarenski, and me - so much fun!


Literature for Early Childhood

Thank you, Jenny Brown, for inviting me to deliver the keynote speech at the amazing Bank Street College of Education Writer’s Lab. The program, “Literature for Early Childhood: What Do You Need to Know?”, was so informative and tons of fun, with Dr. Perri Klass, Susan Stires, Amy Hest, Robie Harris, Jean Marzollo, Nina Crews, Susan Milligan, and Louise Rogers. 


Giclee Prints

Limited edition, signed and numbered fine art Giclee prints on canvas are now available for sale for selected paintings. Go to Prints to view selection and place order. (Special requests are considered!)

Green Coverage